It is a well-known fact that hot weather can damage your pipes, but did you know that the heat can too? Hot weather can damage your drains and cause problems to your drainage system as many drainpipes are made of plastic. This piping is also often exposed to the outside and in very hot weather they can fracture and crack. The UV light from long spells of sun can cause the plastic to become brittle but the heat itself can cause them to crack, burst and shatter. It is not just external pipes though that are susceptible to this damage. If the ground gets extremely dry it can crack and fracture which can put strain on drainage pipes under the surface. This in turn can cause cracks and damages to your system.

If you have experienced damaged pipes and drains our engineers are on hand to get any repairs done for you as quickly as possible.

The Effects of Exposure to Sunlight

The main effect of sunlight on exposed plastic UPVC drainage pipes are that the heat makes the plastic more flexible, causing pipes to warp. The issue you are then left with is that the pipes become more flexible. If the pipes are not well supported or are on uneven ground, they will warp to the shape of the ground. When the temperature then drops later in the day, the pipe will then set to this new shape. These pipes now have the potential to cause blockages and build ups over time due to the system not flowing freely.

What Can I do?

Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do to stop heat causing damage / issues to your pipes. It is just something that you need to be aware of rather than try to prevent. Some good news is that dry periods are perfect for any kind of drain repairs so if you do see something then give us a call, and we can get it fixed.

One thing you can do to avoid blocked drains is to keep them clear. It may not seem like something you need to do in the summer months but there tends to be a lot of dust from dry earth. When there is a lack of rain there will be a build-up of muck and dirt that will be washed into your drains when it does rain. Keep an eye on your drains and clear out any dried leaves and moss you may see.  Any exposed plumbing should be covered with insulation, or you can paint it with a light water based acrylic or latex paint to help block damage from the sun’s rays. Insulation not only protects your pipes from the cold in the winter, but it also shields your pipes from UV rays in the summer. It’s not the heat that causes the damage, it’s the sun’s damaging ultraviolet light.

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