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Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure utmost transparency in our plumbing services, we have gathered responses to commonly asked questions about plumbing and boiler issues. Should your specific inquiry not be addressed below, please feel free to reach out to our team at 0330 133 4104. We are eager to assist you.

Does the price include all works required?2023-07-21T15:23:48+00:00

Here at EcoFlow, the do our up most to ensure the quotation we provide you with is the price you pay, there are no hidden costs or extras. Everything you need for your drainage and boiler needs is fully included. Your price is absolutely fixed and will not change. This includes everything such as boiler, installation, pipework, flue kit etc. As well as drainage, full labour and materials are included. Even if your engineers run over!

Why is my boiler making a lot of noise?2023-07-21T15:43:59+00:00

A noisy boiler is not a good sign and is likely an indicator that something isn’t quite right. ‘Kettling’ refers to the clunking and banging noises a boiler sometimes makes when limescale builds up on the heat exchanger, causing the water to boil and expand – just like in a kettle. Kettling will cause significant damage to your boiler over time, so it’s best to get it looked at in order to extend its lifespan for as long as possible. One of our boiler specialists can get your boiler back in proper working order in no time – simply call us to arrange a free consultation.

Why is my radiator not heating up?2023-07-21T15:44:41+00:00

The most common cause for radiators failing to heat up is trapped air. You can tell this is the case if your radiator is hot at the bottom but cold at the top; in this case, you’ll need to bleed your radiators. The process is simple, simply use your radiator key to unscrew the bleed screw at the bottom of your radiator enough to cause a hissing sound. This is the sound of the trapped air escaping; once the noise stops, screw the bleed screw back in place. If this still doesn’t fix your radiator’s problem, one of our plumbers would be happy to assist you further. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

Which type of boiler should I choose?2023-07-21T15:44:50+00:00

There are many different types of boiler available on the market, including combi, regular and system boilers – so which is right for your property? We cover the subject in one of our news posts. Our boiler experts will be able to provide you with better ideas for a replacement boiler that suits your home and needs. Contact us today to find out more.

What do I do if as water pipe bursts?2023-07-21T15:45:01+00:00

If a water pipe bursts in your home, you should immediately turn off your water supply and electricity in the affected room, as well as remove any furniture from the affected area to avoid damage. You should then contact an emergency plumber, such as ourselves, immediately.

How often do I need to service my boiler?2023-07-21T15:45:11+00:00

It is recommended that you have your boiler serviced annually in order to keep it working safely and efficiently. If it’s time that your boiler had a check-up, our boiler experts can help – call us.

How do I know if I have a gas leak?2023-07-21T15:45:26+00:00

A gas leak can be incredibly dangerous to your health if undetected. Carbon monoxide caused by a faulty boiler is a ‘silent killer’, being completely odourless; installing a carbon monoxide detector will ensure you are alerted to any traces in your home. Old and damaged cookers can also cause gas leaks; the most tell-tale sign of this type of gas leak is the smell. If you notice the smell of gas in your home, avoid lighting any sparks or matches, as this could cause a fire or small explosion. A gas leak will require the urgent attention of a trained professional. EcoFlow can usually get a member of our team out to you within 4 hours. Call us today.

How do I know if I have a pipe leak?2023-07-21T15:45:52+00:00

Evidence of a pipe leak isn’t always obvious. A sudden spike in your water bill may be an indication that you are using more water than usual, which can mean a leak. To test this, turn off all taps and appliances and check your water meter for a reading. Return 30 minutes later for a second reading – if the meter reading has changed, you probably have a leak. If you need assistance finding the source and fixing your pipe leak, our team for specialists can help. Get in touch today

Do you do free plumbing consultations?2023-07-21T15:46:01+00:00

Yes – we do free quotes and plumbing consultations.

Do you do emergency plumbing callouts?2023-07-21T15:46:09+00:00

Yes, we operate a 24-hour emergency plumbing service 7 days a week and always try and get one of our plumbers out to you in under 4 hours.

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